An app to remember.

Do you have a terrible memory? Can’t remember the last time you de-fleaed the cat? Or met up with a long distance mate? When did you last have the oil changed in the car?

Don't use your brain to remember when you last did something! Use that for more useful things like creating cool new music, or really hard maths. Use DaysSince to remind you of all the boring stuff!

DaysSince keeps a track of when you last did an event. Add an event, add a warning time, and it will remind you about it. The simple interface shows you a list of all the events and the number of days since you last did them. Each time you do the event just hit the reset button and you’ll always know when you last did it!

DaysSince is developed in my own spare time, so if you wish to donate to keep my spirits high, then any sum is greatly appreciated.

DaysSince Features

Synchronised events. DaysSince uses your phones Google Calendar to store the event data, meaning it’s always synchronised across all your devices. Hit reset on your phone, and your tablet will reflect the current data.

Notifications. Setup a warning time for each event. The notifications will remind you (but not too much) that you have events which have reached their limits.

Simple easy to use interface. Click add to add, click the reset button (the blue one with the number of days on it) to reset. Couldn't be simpler.

Statistics. It keeps a track of the past resets and gives you a basic breakdown of data. Number of resets, shortest, longest and average.

Multiple calendars. DaysSince can use any accessible writeable Google Calendar, with your permission. You can create multiple calendars just for DaysSince and switch between them.

Categories. Keep your events grouped for easier management, and all your warnings in one place.

Dark theme. For night time productivity.

Import events from another calendar. So you can easily switch over to a dedicated DaysSince Google Calendar.

Widget. Keep your warnings data front and centre.

Offline Storage mode for those who don't want to use a Google Calendar. Keep data just on your phone. Featuring back up and restore functionality, so offline storage can be moved over to a new phone.

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